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January 1
Monil128 (NA)
Inwë Léralondë (EUNE)
January 8
Grelloo (EUNE)
Canepolaris (EUW)
January 15
Knightsupport (NA)
Rellik6996 (NA)
January 22
mekyzor (BR)
Gnomedalf (EUW)
January 29
starscrime2 (EUW)
Tapox97 (EUW)
February 5
EmperorSacrael (EUNE)
Sebetai (NA)
February 12
coolboy4999 (EUW)
cormicko (EUW)
February 19
only mid lanerBR (BR)
randle3513 (NA)
February 26
xXxDanielxdsHDPvP88xXx (EUW)
Tapox97 (EUW)
March 5
Fyluc (EUW)
gryphus 1one1 (EUW)
March 12
LuLz BunnyFuFuu (EUNE)
Danielszewciul (EUNE)
March 19
Rohubu (NA)
HemaGames (EUW)
March 26
April 2
April 9
April 16

January 3
WizardK (EUNE)
January 10
leyopro (EUW)
keen4x (EUW)
January 17
vreenkz (EUW)
Typhalanium (NA)
January 24
Bloodycorpses (NA)
veiledinsanityx (NA)
January 31
nicsmick (NA)
cormicko (EUNE)
February 7
xXMasterramboXx (EUW)
Thresh God Sry (EUNE)
February 14
mauken (NA)
JojutoxGamer (NA)
February 21
88Milfhunter69 (EUW)
vladceljoaca (EUNE)
February 28
VenomousVermin (EUW)
as93xx (EUW)
March 6
MontyTeam (EUW)
Atomik Shadow (NA)
March 13
shadiegirl (NA)
The Craver (EUW)
March 20
AlucardRastaman (EUW)
cormicko (EUNE)
March 27
Th3S0ulxD (EUW)
nico_pere_scam (NA)
April 3
NexenoX (EUW)
NoctisGamer11 (EUW)
April 10
bsdragon69 (NA)
barjolulu (EUW)
April 17
Rjexcellent (NA)
deeeduh (NA)
April 24
special shot (EUNE)
FreecssX (EUW)
May 1
Rex Tyhogi (NA)
May 8
TimmyXification (NA)
superjack65 (NA)
May 15
michelson93 (EUW)
Gamingwithxd (NA)
May 22
goodlem (NA)
kevenen3 (NA)
May 29
ZenowixRayd (EUW)
DarkJavi15 (EUW)
June 5
pequyen01 (NA)
PaDaVan01 (EUNE)
June 12
softnoodles (NA)
fanatiktrik (NA)
June 19
Ricon345 (NA)
StoCactus (EUW)
June 26
Gnomedalf (EUW)
bstnbagel (EUW)
July 3
ChaoticFlame (NA)
trugvy (NA)
July 10
MCvale00 (EUNE)
420 Gryn (EUW)
July 17
wanted tiger 97 (EUW)
xboolshotx (EUNE)
July 24
Zero 00 oreZ (NA)
XxDarkGenesisxX (EUW)
July 31
Stardust01FTW (NA)
LeynadZ (NA)
August 7
Kingly30 (NA)
StrangeLuck (EUW)
August 14
Siwang Mu (EUW)
Ingus36 (NA)
August 21
Triiipy (EUW)
vinh (NA)
August 28
AlexxxPaun (EUNE)
taurussaq (NA)
September 4
Reptile1992 (EUNE)
CaptainBlanton (NA)
September 11
lightwarior545 (EUNE)
threebitshifer (NA)
September 18
Ignaticas (EUNE)
Tapox97 (EUW)
September 25
Syblinsk (EUW)
cutlessduck25 (NA)
October 2
Maestria (EUNE)
Nico1192 (NA)
October 9
Alden Pleb (NA)
Amasa Delano (NA)
October 16
therockymaster (NA)
DixieSwede (NA)
October 23
Epicbeachboy (EUW)
Ignaticas (EUNE)
October 30
CaptainBlanton (NA)
IKonichirawr (NA)
November 6
Nitroox954 (EUW)
November 13
Syblinsk (EUW)
ultimatechno (NA)
November 20
Syyse420 (EUNE)
TH Boulette (NA)
November 27
wanted tiger 97 (EUW)
Rellik6996 (NA)
December 4
arphaxadUSA (NA)
thores55 (EUW)
December 11
Erevlis (EUW)
mladen17 (EUW)
December 18
necrofortune (EUW)
madcatz787 (EUW)
December 25
Petrakos56 (EUNE)
aceatlas425 (NA)

January 4
ultimate (NA)
ArrSayingPirate (NA)
January 11
Grinchus (EUW)
poki2300 (EUNE)
January 18
VictoRapTovi (BR)
Reptock (EUW)
January 25
DudeManDude (EUW)
Darkminato530 (EUW)
February 1
JalexanderC (NA)
JajaPlayGameCz (EUNE)
February 8
AmoNlKs (EUW)
Maltose (BR)
February 15
Celrion (EUW)
KupoZ (NA)
February 22
Shashko16 (EUW)
Liipee13 (BR)
March 1
송진규 (NA)
JudgeDe4d (EUW)
March 8
lordiego94 (EUW)
Alphamale567 (NA)
March 15
MissCrimson (BR)
Gortol (EUNE)
March 22
Admoser (EUW)
Deathweavrer (EUNE)
March 29
Dredmaul (NA)
KeaiMao (NA)
April 5
layana (OTHER)
Force6 (EUW)
April 12
Darth draganon (NA)
Ufif ufif (EUW)
April 19
NateSMZ (NA)
Sacripain (EUW)
April 26
darksummoner30 (NA)
Anime4evar (NA)
May 3
Debonair Popsu (EUW)
MastoJG (NA)
May 10
Suur1n (EUW)
DeathHunter158 (EUW)
May 17
RedDraqOn_20 (NA)
eremenko (TR)
May 24
masterlergend (BR)
maxisun (OTHER)
May 31
rodriru2003 (NA)
ultimatechno (NA)
June 7
Maxsmiliano (BR)
lDark AngeLusl (EUW)
June 14
Cortesjr (BR)
CruckStalk (EUNE)
June 21
MMestredosMagoss (BR)
Husky Lumps (NA)
June 28
skydanek (NA)
KasiaDysis (EUW)
July 5
Enteros (EUW)
SirTyphus (EUW)
July 12
kkboico (BR)
Tabiqueroender (EUW)
July 19
Seralth (NA)
Hitoshura Kage (NA)
July 26
Kevlar013 (EUW)
metalcore (EUNE)
August 2
skydanek (NA)
rd kyou Kai (EUW)
August 9
kaskokollaps (EUW)
ImFallangel (EUW)
August 16
St Sasuke (EUNE)
marc24force (EUW)
August 23
KOreanRicardo (NA)
Xenon012 (EUW)
August 30
thebighulk61 (EUW)
Zugi1 (NA)
September 6
VladLovegood (EUW)
VenomousVermin (EUW)
September 13
siohamaru (NA)
September 20
polakola (NA)
Kiritsu Master (NA)
September 27
olltenis (EUNE)
PumpKinKing123 (NA)
October 4
GeneralGrievous1 (EUW)
Heracon (EUW)
October 11
haybale (EUW)
Lagonax (EUW)
October 18
Memphian (NA)
blaze7734 (NA)
October 25
draken omega (EUW)
Mätyous (EUW)
November 1
13370x (NA)
Diana (EUW)
November 8
Shaco the Ripper (EUW)
themwplayer (EUW)
November 15
sammeke10119 (EUW)
Impr3ssive (NA)
November 22
Im Lissendra (NA)
StuffthingEvil (NA)
November 29
krisbi02 (EUNE)
cartridsmith (NA)
December 6
Darkskelett (EUW)
apfel1234 (EUW)
December 13
isravaen (EUW)
araktar (EUW)
December 20
nicsmick (NA)
marsisrusty (NA)
December 27
SCE Xafoja (NA)
janley019 (EUNE)

November 9
Not Available
November 16
Not Available
November 23
Not Available
November 30
Skrixo (EUW)
MMOsiris (NA)
December 7
Gortol (EUNE)
Cristichi (EUW)
December 14
Kai749 (NA)
Chanchillaaaah (NA)
December 21
HolyAder (NA)
DragonStorm Red (BR)
December 28
nerffmysmurff (NA)
Its maaaagic (EUW)

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